About JWU 

Innovation has been a hallmark of the university since its founding as a business school by two women in 1914 who still did not have the right to vote. In the century since, the university has successfully anticipated societal trends and consumer considerations, whether serving veterans returning from war, introducing degree programs in hospitality and culinary arts, expanding to branch campuses, or offering graduate degree programs. Its commitment to experiential learning, with roots in its early history, is profound. In 2014, JWU was the recipient of the prestigious William M. Burke Award from the National Society of Experiential Education.

JWU students work with academic and career advisors to map out a plan in their first term. Rather than waiting for their junior year, JWU students start taking classes in their major during their first year. This allows them to explore options and evaluate their industry choice early and to seize opportunities to set themselves apart through internships and other work experiences before they graduate. JWU’s faculty members, many with industry experience, offer the best of both worlds by integrating theory with relevant practice through the use of industry tools in JWU learning labs.

Students round out their education with professional student clubs and organizations, study abroad and exchange programs around the globe, and community and leadership opportunities. Each year students complete hundreds of thousands of hours of service. Visit www.jwu.edu and discover why Money magazine and U.S. News & World Report include JWU among their top colleges.

In recent years, Johnson & Wales has engineered an accelerated academic expansion with the creation of more than two dozen new degree programs in industry-relevant disciplines as far-reaching as biology, political science, psychology and culinary science at the undergraduate level; master’s degree programs in information security assurance, finance and an MBA in human resource management; and new doctoral programs. A master’s program in physician assistant studies was launched as a foundational component of a new College of Health & Wellness at the Providence campus.