FOCUS 2022 

Since the early 1990s, Johnson & Wales University has evolved and prospered under a succession of strategic planning efforts led by the Chancellor, branch campus presidents and other senior university management. The most successful of those, Focus 2011, identified experiential learning, student selectivity and affordability as pillars for future growth and initiated a period of unprecedented transformation at JWU.

Today, a vision of JWU has been articulated in a new strategic initiative, Focus 2022 (website:, that calls for preeminence in the study of food, interdisciplinary course offerings, experiential learning, exceptional faculty and a global and diverse student body.

The current institutional vision argues for significant advancements in the academic arena, including the creation of academic programming where Johnson & Wales will leverage its global reputation in culinary education and establish itself as a leader in the study of food and its relationship to the world we live in through a new College of Food Innovation and Technology. It also forecasts an exceptional and diverse faculty highly engaged in the most effective teaching and learning methods. The university anticipates the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to allow students to explore and navigate careers in a variety of industries and professions, and a significant growth in graduate level program offerings and online education enrollments.